BodyFX offers Fat Loss and Cellulite Reduction with no pain and no downtime!* Using radio frequency and gentle pulses of heat, we contour the body into the shape you desire!* Come into our Guelph Laser Clinic today for your complimentary consultation. 

How it Works
BodyFX Fat Loss and Cellulite Reduction is one of the only non-invasive machines on the market that destroys fat cells rather than just shrinking them.* Using RadioFrequency, Body FX Fat Loss and Cellulite Reduction treatment is able to provide body shaping and contouring that is customized to your needs. This safe and comfortable treatment provides inch loss due, cellulite reduction and skin tightening benefits.* The benefit of BodyFX Fat Loss over other non-invasive fat loss treatments is the customization it provides and the ultimate safety of the procedure.

What it Treats:

  • Cellulite: Body FX’s unique suctioning system helps to break up the strands of tissue that are pulling the skin into the “dimpling” that we refer to as cellulite.  The radio-frequency heat increases collagen production for thicker, smoother skin while the electric pulsing bursts unwanted fat tissue to reduce the size of the fat pockets.  These three results simultaneously work together to offer the most comprehensive and effective cellulite reduction in the industry.*
  • Fat Loss /Body Contouring:  BodyFX offers fat loss using electric pulsing to destroy the unwanted fat tissue while the radio frequency increases the density of the skin, tightening it for a more contoured figure.*

Before and After Photos

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 *Individual Results May Vary. So Come on in for a Complimentary Consultation Today!


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What to Expect
At AFYA Skin and Body Clinic in Guelph, we perform the BodyFX Fat Loss and Cellulite Reduction and MiniFX Fat Loss treatments on various areas of the body as well as on the chin.  The most common areas for cellulite reduction are thighs and stomach while the most common areas for fat loss are thighs, stomach, chin, upper arms, above the knees, upper back/bra fat and love handles/flanks. The treatments take between 20 to 60 minutes. During the treatment, the hand piece suctions the skin and uses a pulse of radiofrequency and an electro-pulse to heat up the skin tissue to 42 degrees while heating the fat tissue beyond 46 degrees. This will allow us to tighten the skin and destroy the fat cells simultaneously.* You will be slightly pink for 24 hours after the treatment, but does not cause any downtime!

When to Book
Treatments should be performed 1 to 2 weeks apart for a series of 4 to 8 treatments to lose approximately 1 to 5 inches. Results will present approximately 30 to 60 days post treatment.  Since there is no restriction to sun exposure and no changes to your normal routine, this treatment can be performed any time of the year.

*Individual Results May Vary. So Come on in for a Complimentary Consultation Today!

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