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Welcome to AFYA Skin and Body Clinic

The word AFYA means healthy in the African language of Swahili. To Joelle Rodenburgh, owner of AFYA Skin and Body Clinic located on Suffolk Street, being healthy overall, inside and out, is very important.  “It’s all about confidence,” says Rodenburgh. “Feeling confident inside, radiates on the outside and having great skin often helps with that overall glow and feeling.”   AFYA Skin and Body Clinic first opened its doors in November 2016 and has been helping women and men achieve more than just beautiful skin ever since. “I started AFYA to help empower people, to help them feel comfortable in their skin and help them to feel confident that their appearance reflects […]


Microneedling is an innovative technique that has been employed in Europe for several years and is now becoming popular in North America.  Microneedling uses Collagen Induction Therapy to stimulate the body’s natural response mechanism to build up collagen when damaged.  By creating mico-damaged columns into the skin using tiny 32 gauge needles, we can help to correct fine lines and tighten the skin tissue.  The MicroPen Elite is the latest innovation in Microneedling.  It uses pins that enter the skin vertically instead of on an angle, which can increase depth for better results, while offering less downtime.  12 to 24 hours of pinkness is expected post each treatment.  You can […]

VBlog #2, Why Vitamin C Serums are So Important!

We at AFYA Skin and Body Clinic believe that Healthy Skin is achievable using the latest technology, performed by the most knowledgeable staff at a reasonable price!  Combining this with SkinCeuticals Vitamin C Serums are the best options for preventing and healing aging skin!

The Meaning of AFYA- VBlog #1

AFYA Skin and Body Clinic is happy to launch our Video Blog series discussing the importance of Health Skin and a Healthy Body.  AFYA comes from a Swahili word that means Healthy.  We believe that achieving healthy skin is the same thing as achieving beautiful skin.  We welcome you to come in for a complimentary healthy skin assessment today!  519-803-7435

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