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Welcome to AFYA Skin and Body Clinic

The word AFYA means healthy in the African language of Swahili. To Joelle Rodenburgh, owner of AFYA Skin and Body Clinic located on Suffolk Street, being healthy overall, inside and out, is very important.  “It’s all about confidence,” says Rodenburgh. “Feeling confident inside, radiates on the outside and having great skin often helps with that overall glow and feeling.”   AFYA Skin and Body Clinic first opened its doors in November 2016 and has been helping women and men achieve more than just beautiful skin ever since. “I started AFYA to help empower people, to help them feel comfortable in their skin and help them to feel confident that their appearance reflects […]

Excessive Sweating, Hyperhidrosis

Excessive Sweating is an issue for many men and women alike. At AFYA Skin and Body Clinic, we believe its important to feel comfortable in your body and be able to live an active life without worrying about the embarrassing side effects of hyperhidrosis. Both underarm excessive sweating and hairline excessive sweating can be treated using Botox Hyperhidrosis.

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