Because Healthy Skin Feels Better!

AFYA Skin and Body Clinic offers a comprehensive approach to clearer, brighter and tighter skin on the face and body.*  We believe your entire experience from the moment we meet you should be nothing short of the best!  We will stop at nothing to ensure you are thrilled with your treatment experience.

The meaning of AFYA is Healthy. We believe in utilizing the best technology in the industry to customize treatment plans to suit each individual’s needs in achieving healthy skin and a healthy body.*  We offer treatments for sun damage, melasma, rosacea, unsightly veins, cellulite, fat loss, wrinkle reduction, fine lines, loose skin, acne reduction, acne scar removal, enlarged pores, body scars and laser hair removal.*  AFYA offers a wide range of services that utilize lasers, ultrasound, radio frequency, infrared light, intense pulsed light, micro-needling and various exfoliation techniques to achieve the best version of your skin and body possible without the need for surgery!*

We offer each client a complimentary consultation to guide you through our treatment options. During your consultation, we will use the IMAGE PRO 3 to Analyze your skin’s health and offer a treatment plan to suit your skin’s needs.

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Level 1

These treatments offer the more natural alternatives for preventing aging.*  They offer subtle changes to the skin immediately post treatment and offer you a great way to maintain a youthful appearance long term.*

These treatments also act as a great way to maintain and prolong the effects of Level 2 and 3 treatments.


Level 2

These treatments offer rejuvenation to the skin using the most innovative technology in the industry.* Results can be seen within a few days post treatment and offer limited to no downtime.*

You will be amazed at the noticeable changes to your skin and body within a few short treatments!*

Level 3

These treatments offer a more intense approach to correcting your skin and body concerns, restoring them back to their youthful state.*

While some minor downtime may be required, these treatments will completely transform your skin and body, achieving remarkable results even after a single treatment!*